Sentiment Versus Significance

The Mouse and the Motorcycle is a canon of sentiment book.  Deborah Stevenson states in her article Sentiment and significance: The impossibility of recovery in the children's literature canon or, The drowning of the water-babies (1997) that, "the canon of sentiment exists to preserve the childhood of those adults that create that canon and to preserve the affection those adults feel for the books within it."  

The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary is a book that is passed on from parent to child.  It is a timeless classic that children can relate to because it deals with friendship and responsibility; two things that all children face in their lives.  It also falls under the category of sentiment because  it is a book that favors comfort and not one that challenges.

Stevenson, D. (1997). Sentiment and significance: The impossibility of recovery in the children’s literature canon or, the drowning of the water-babies. Johns Hopkins University Press, 21(1), 112-131.

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